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    Dry Cleaning service is provided for customers that choose this option. For on campus customers it is not necessary to sign up for a Bulk Laundry Plan to choose this option. The initial fee to set up the service is $10 and is only charged one time. Customers are billed monthly on a per  item basis. A summary of the charges will be provided to verify the charges. These items are picked up at the same times and locations as the bulk laundry. Return times are usually slower on dry cleaning items.

    Dry Cleaning Rates

     Dry Cleaned Shirt    $2.20
     Jacket    $5.40
     Band Uniform   $9.50
    Blouse  $4.70
     Pants    $5.00
     Skirt    $5.00
     Sweater    $5.00
     Dress    $8.70
     Jumper    $7.50
     Comforter    $16.99